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The Story Behind Coin Planet

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Coin Planet's journey with cryptocurrency began way back in 2010 when cryptocurrency was still in its infancy. Like many people at the time, we took part in the crypto world by mining Bitcoin. As our knowledge and network in cryptocurrency grew, we delved into providing liquidity to exchanges. Seeing the success and immense potential of this crypto sector, we knew we had to share these opportunities with everyone else. Thus, Coin Planet was born as a channel to connect people like you in our liquidity pool, all while helping you make gains on your cryptocurrency. Our desire to help you grow your crypto has led to an expansion of our team in Singapore and further inspired us to obtain a Crypto License from Lithuania.

You will always be at the forefront of our minds as we continue on our journey with cryptocurrency.


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Startup established in Singapore with 6 team members.

Collaborated with medium to large mining companies to provide liquidity to the top 10 exchanges in Asia.

Achieved liquidity supply volume of USD 30 Million.

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about roadmap 2017

Connected to 30 exchanges and brokers in Asia.

Coin Planet exceeds USD 50 Million of assets under management.

Achieved liquidity supply volume of USD 1 Billion.


Development of Smart Contracts to establish a platform that links retail crypto investors to crypto trading markets.

Provided liquidity to exchanges and brokers in over 20 countries.

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about roadmap 2021

Obtained crypto license from Lithuania.

Coin Planet Web app is launched.

USD 3.8 Billion in crypto transactions.

Connected to 60 exchanges in 23 countries globally.


Providing added value and flexibility to investors with the SWAP+ cryptocurrency exchange feature via an established network of secured blockchains.

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Aim to reach 100,000 unique crypto investors as Coin Planet users.

Launching of Coin Planet's mobile app (iOS and Android).

The Gateway To

Financial Market

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Crypto trading markets are facing a massive liquidity shortage in the current market landscape. Coin Planet was established with the aim to partner with medium to long-term crypto investors to meet this demand and earn high pro-rata returns. It all started with a mission to provide equal opportunities to the masses through a safe and secure crypto mechanism.

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about financial market
Our Mission

To provide a safe, equal, and fair opportunity for crypto holders to gain unmatched yields on their crypto assets. All while having total freedom and control over their assets. We do this by leveraging on the shortage of supply and high demand for liquidity by the crypto trading markets. We aim to onboard more crypto assets and become the number one liquidity provider in the industry.

Our Vision

Facilitating financial freedom for crypto investors by transforming the traditional LP mechanisms through our proprietary software, which bridges liquidity from crypto investors to the crypto derivatives markets.

Crypto License

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Coin Planet's crypto license is obtained from Lithuania under the strict supervision of the Lithuanian Financial Crime Investigation Service (FCIS). The process of obtaining this license wasn't easy as we were required to undergo stringent audit exercises. Both our business model and proposal were studied and approved by the approving committee, hence you can rest assured that our operations are audited and safe.

Company Name: Coin Planet Capitals UAB

Crypto Licensing Number: 305855091

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Our Achievements

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