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How It Works

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Earning yields on your crypto assets shouldn’t be hard – and it isn’t! Instead of keeping your crypto assets idle with no gains made, you can now participate in our liquidity pool. Our user-friendly platform eases your crypto staking process so you can earn high compounding yields daily!
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Earn Daily Compounding Yields
on your crypto assets

Earn Daily Compounding Yields on your crypto assets

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Crypto Trading

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Cryptocurrency trading is rapidly gaining popularity among institutional and retail investors, with instruments like spot trading and derivatives taking up most of the volume. Investors view these instruments as a hedge against their positions to protect their investments. For example, if an investor bets on a price increase for bitcoin in the spot market, the investor might short its futures as a hedge. Thus, it is possible to make money even if the bitcoin price moves in a direction opposite to the one specified in the investor's bet. Speculators and traders, who frequently move in and out of futures trades, might use bitcoin futures for short- and long-term profits.

Liquidity Providers
/Market Makers

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Liquidity providers, also known as market makers, play an important role in the crypto trading ecosystem. By facilitating trading platforms with liquidity, market makers enable the execution of leveraged trades. Providing such liquidity enables market makers to make a profit from the difference in the bid-ask spread.

To be a liquidity provider, an organization has to have a large number of assets under management. Hence, the Coin Planet platform was born for this reason. The aim is to gather as much inventory from crypto investors like you to provide a higher volume of liquidity to trading brokers and exchange platforms which, in turn, generates higher gains.

By depositing your crypto assets to a Coin Planet wallet, you are lending your assets to the Coin Planet liquidity pool. Crypto assets deposited into our liquidity pool will immediately be recognized by our smart contract as a liquidity token and will be available for offering to the crypto trading markets. The tokens that are used as collaterals will begin to accrue yields in the same tokens deposited, allowing you to earn up to 20% APY.

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The Yields Payout

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The crypto trading markets capitalize on the perceived difference between the current and future value of an asset. Traders will speculate, long or short an asset by executing a derivative order. The timeline for these orders varies from minutes to days. Besides, the fees for providing liquidity for these services are much higher when there are overnight contracts and dire demand for liquidity. This provides an opportunity for substantial financial gains for you as a lender. Our algorithm captures the fees and shares them with everyone on board on a pro-rata basis.

Coin Planet’s

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Our proprietary software is designed to aggregate crypto assets from the Coin Planet wallets and bridge the mass offering directly to the crypto trading markets in real-time. The smart contract ensures yields from providing this liquidity is split between you (The Asset Owner) and us (Market Makers) in a mutually beneficial order. Yields are paid out daily in the same crypto assets deposited. The algorithm calculates yields based on the real-time market rates and credits the yields to your account daily at 00:00 (GMT +8). Yields for the following day is calculated based on your new account balance. This compounding effect would prove to be tremendously beneficial in the long term.

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Your Crypto

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Unlike a spot trade, a derivative trade does not directly involve the asset. Instead, a derivative trade is a financial contract based on the speculated future value of an underlying asset. Crypto assets deposited into a Coin Planet wallet is stored in Cold Storage and this prevents any security breach. By lending your crypto assets to Coin Planet, rest assured that your actual crypto asset is protected and will not be moved out from our vault.

Be A Part Of
The Vast Crypto Network

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