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Coin Planet's membership tiers are designed to further incentivize our users to keep HODLing with us. The system calculates and ranks users based on the total fiat value of each user's assets. Membership tiers reward users with up to 2.50% APY additional yields on top of the daily yields. Due to crypto price volatility, tier calculations are done every Monday at 00:00 (GMT +8).
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Tiers are calculated based on the balance of the total fiat value in USD of an account every Monday. Users have the opportunity to manage their account balances before every Monday of the week to benefit from the extra yields from membership tiers.

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Yields on
Real-Time Market Rates

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Our software calculates and releases yields daily based on real-time market rates. Users can rest assured that they will be getting the highest rates with additional rates from membership tiers.


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Membership tiers are refreshed every week on Monday at 00:00 (GMT +8). The countdown timer on the dashboard serves as a reminder and allows users to plan for the next refresh time to earn higher yields on their crypto!

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Membership Tiers

Rank Required Balance Yield Bonus Email & Livechat Phone (Voice) Account Manager
Regular < US$ 2,500 0.00%
Silver ≥ US$ 2,500 1.00%
Gold ≥ US$ 10,000 1.50%
Platinum ≥ US$ 50,000 2.50%
* Members with more than USD 10,000 deposits are required to complete Know Your Customer (KYC) due to regulatory compliance and for better user protection.

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