How do I make a Fixed placement?

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Another unique feature of Coin Planet is the ability for you to lock in a high rate to earn the same amount of yields for a duration of 30, 60, or 90 days. This feature allows you to maximize your gains by locking down a high rate for a longer duration. Here are the steps to make a Fixed placement:
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Step 1

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Sign In to your Coin Planet account. (If you haven’t signed up yet, here’s a link for you to Sign Up)

Step 2

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Deposit tokens to your Coin Planet wallet. If you haven’t deposited any tokens, please view our guide on how to deposit tokens.

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Step 3

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Once you have tokens deposited into your Coin Planet account, you can view the real-time rates under the "Today’s Rates" tab located on the right side of the dashboard.

Step 4

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You can click on the “Subscribe” button next the token you want to lock in, and it will bring you to the Fixed page.

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Step 5

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Select the preferred lock-down duration of your tokens from the duration drop-down menu.

Step 6

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Enter the amount of tokens you want to lock in. You are then able to see the estimated gains at the bottom.

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Step 7

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Click “Submit” and you will land on a confirmation page. Please check all the information and click “Next” to confirm your Fixed placement.

If you face any issues or have further inquiries on how to perform this transaction, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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